Our vision is to be the world leader in global mental health evidence synthesis

Our mission is to improve the health and well-being of people with an emphasis on mental health by promoting evidence-informed health decision making by producing high quality, relevant, accessible systematic reviews and other synthesized research evidence.


At Global Mental Health and Cultural Psychiatry Group we try to work according to some important principles. We try to be collaborative, encouraging participation, and building on the enthusiasm of individuals. We try to provide information that is unbiased, reliable, and up to date. We promote evidence-informed health decision-making by writing and disseminating systematic reviews and other synthesized research evidence so that all the relevant evidence is available when people come to make decisions that maybe is for individual him/her-self, for a family member’s health, or health professionals providing care, or policymakers making decisions about health systems or community-level programs.


Collaboration – by fostering global and national co-operation, teamwork, and open and transparent communication and decision-­making.

Enabling wider participation – by reducing barriers to contribution and by involving, supporting, and training people of different skills and backgrounds.

Keeping up-to-date – by a commitment to ensure that Systematic Reviews are maintained through the identification and incorporation of new evidence. 

Striving for relevance – by promoting the assessment of health questions using outcomes that matter to people making choices in health and health care.


Ensuring quality – by applying advances in methodology, developing systems for quality improvement, and being open and responsive to criticism.

Minimizing bias – through a variety of approaches such as extensive scientific methodology, ensuring broad participation, and avoiding conflicts of interest.

Promoting access – by wider dissemination of our outputs, taking advantage of our national and international collaborations.