SAHAR-M, means ‘The morning twilight before a new dawn’ in Urdu Language. The M is for Movement, the patient and public involvement and engagement (PPIE) group considered the programme of research has become more of a movement, thus the name South Asia HArm Reduction (SAHAR)-Movement (M) was decided. Building on the last two years of work, the movement is aimed at working towards ‘Zero suicide’- a systematic framework for creating an integrated approach to prevent suicide and quality improvement in the healthcare system.

The mission of SAHAR-M is to facilitate and execute through rigorous research methodology and governance, a range of national self-harm and suicide prevention activities with a strong focus on building capacity and capability. This will ensure health systems readiness and timely responsiveness to support the people and communities in preventing self-harm behaviour and suicide. This will involve knowledge mobilisation using an integrated trans-disciplinary approach to self-harm and suicide prevention.